• Grizzly Bear Live

    Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, NY

    Grizzly Bear Live / Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, NY 04 11

    When Grizzly Bear came to the end of the road with their fourth album, 2012's 'Shields', the future was unclear. No dramatic decisions were made, no arguments were had, but there was a feeling as there always is with the foursome that a breather was required. The band who emerged in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York, have forever functioned as a self-described “democracy”. It's equal and it's fair but it can also take a lot of out of them. And so they went their separate ways and bedded down in different corners. Vocalist and songwriter Ed Droste adapted back to life in Los Angeles, his new adopted home and decided to distance himself from music and the industry, vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Rossen moved to a remote area of upstate New York and continued to write and record on his own, drummer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Bear continued playing with various projects and worked on scoring a tv series, and vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Chris Taylor decided to go West to LA after a one year stint in Berlin. He produced for other artists and made a solo record under the moniker CANT. Taylor, however, got restless.


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