"they will say we should die. they will say death is not enough so they will make us suffer. they will say that suffering is not enough so they will say we made it up. (...)

    they will say femininity is not powerful.

    so i will put on my dress.

    so i will go outside.

    so i will prove them wrong."

    One of my favorite artists of all time. Their words are such a relief for the soul, they talk to your heart throughout their ever-universal work. They explore gender, race, and offer an account throughout their texts, poems and performances of their experience as a gender non-conforming person of color.

    100% encouraging y'all to check their Instagram and other social media accounts as they literally mend your heart with their brilliant eloquence and with such diligency you feel like for a while, that you're healed and you have nothing to be afraid of anymore.

    Give your soul a break.

    CONFESSIONAL, by Alok Vaid-Menon

    "I want to know: What is your becoming? What are you doing? How are you trying to femme-ifest? Manifest? We should all be able to say “this is how I am becoming. This is how I am moving towards something that I want to be.”

    photo @eivindhansen

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