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    I am Regards Coupables, an illustrator from Paris, France. I draw erotic art everyday of my life.

    My work is popular all over social media (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), where a 500K fans strong community supports me.

    My art describes the emotional closeness and sexual intimacybetween lovers, with the Woman at the its center.

    My work has already reached a millions of people and has been published around the world (Juxtapoz Magazine, WAD Mag, Konbini, Nakid Magazine, Tsugi, CimerParis, Culturainquieta...).


    In august 2016, my first instagram account was deleted by Instagram. I brutally lost contact with my 60.000 followers and couldn't reach them anymore because apparently some of my illustrations didn’t comply with the Instagram Community Guidelines. 

    This was a harsh realisation, and, sadly, I understood I had to censor my own art to exists on this platform.

    I started all over again and in less than a year, my new instagram account reached 400K followers. But I still feel frustrated because I can't draw all the things I want. And this is where Patron comes in:

    Patreon can be a way to express myself freely, and directly connect with my community! It's time to make our own space and way of expression, where I could be free to share my art and explore without the fear of suffering sudden censorship.


    Patreon will have a real impact on my life. It will let me spend more time working on my illustrations. And, in addition to my daily post on Instagram, I will work on other ways to express myself. I will explore new medias such as Painting on canvas, Neon lights, Animated GIF, Animated music videos, and even Short films. 

    I will be able to create more ambitious art, and more frequently.

    I will be able to create more ambitious art, and more frequently.

    I'm incredibly excited to be embarking on this next journey and thrilled that if you're reading this, you're thinking about coming on this journey along with me.

    In whatever capacity you're able to support me, I want to say thank you. Donating to the Patreon, buying merchandise, or just watching and following what I do - together we are keeping creative storytelling alive, and that makes me incredibly happy.


    Become at patron at patreon.com/regardscoupables

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