• Short Film of The week : The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

    Willie Bingham is the first man to undergo a radical new justice program. The government has introduced Progressive Amputation as a controversial punishment for capital crime — the real life version of ‘an eye for an eye’. The procedures, performed live in front of victims’ families, stop only at relatives’ request.


    Scr & Dir M Richards : Prod Guerin Group Films

    Featuring - Kevin Dee, Gregory J Fryer, Tim Ferris, Leah Vanderberg, Albert Goikhman

    Director - Matt Richards

    Original Story - Michael Fawcett

    Script - Matt Richards

    Producer - Brendan Guerin

    Finance - Screen Australia

    Cinematography - Liam Miles Gilmour

    Sound Recording - Ryan Granger

    Editor - Patrick McCabe

    Sound Design & Composition - Ned Beckley

    5.1 Sound Mix - Andrew McGrath

    Production Design - Ashleigh Ward

    Art Director - Neneh Owen Pozzan

    Costume Designer - Laura Pearse

    VFX - Igor Manjud Maluf

    Prosthetics & Make-up - Mia-Kate Russell

    Suivre Charles Letessier