• Delphine Diallo

    Delphine Diallo is inspired by the courage and modesty of her motherland, Senegal. Her

    mentor and photographic Master, Peter Beard. Shaolin Monk Master and Teacher,

    Shifu Yan Ming. Progressive resistance in Native American Tribes. Brooklyn’s

    diversity. And the unknown souls I have yet to meet.

    Sought to challenge the norms of our society, Diallo immerses herself in the realm

    of anthropology, mythology, religion, science and martial arts to release her mind.

    Her work takes her to far remote areas, as she insists on spending intimate time

    with her subjects to better able represent their most innate energy “I treat my

    process as if it were an adventure liberating a new protagonist” — Diallo’s powerful

    portraitures unmask and stir an uninhibited insight that allows her audience to see

    beyond the facade. “We are in constant search for wonder and growth. I see art as

    a vessel to express consciousness and an access to diffuse wisdom,enlightenment,

    fear, beauty, ugliness, mystery, faith, strength, fearless, universal matter”.


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